We have 16 branch offices setup for tiered caching back to our main
server. (one site has been upgraded to 3.7) Occasionaly, the remote

locations (clients) will experience a BM Internal server error 500
full) message at the branch offices. This is a false error in that
have plenty of space on the server. Typically, all I have to do is
restart the remote's proxy/cache server (I do not have to reset
ours....ever). Usually, that takes care of it. In the last couple
I have one site that I have to bounce the whole server. No errors
shutting down/restarting BM, it just simply posts the above error.
found NO TIDs regarding the 500 error AND the disk full messages.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

FYI, we are running a pretty recent version of the proxy, but I've had

this problem long before upgrading......