i build a test-app for streaming. Everything until i try to create the configuration file for the streaming. But its end with a error and i have no idea why. The files on there positions and the files changed like in the documentation. But this documentation is so worse...****...

>LicenseUtil.exe CreateAppCo
nfig /pc 7zip 
/av 4.5.1;0;0 
/au /xvm /xreg /
vm 8-0-1286-1__0;0 /o 7zip.xml

String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.
   at System.DateTimeParse.Parse(String s, DateTimeFormatInfo dtfi, DateTimeStyl
es styles)
   at System.DateTime.Parse(String s)
   at Xenocode.Client.Controls.Shared.Configuration.x8514ca825407a888..ctor(XmlE
lement elCert, x8514ca825407a888 certParent)
   at Xenocode.Client.Controls.Shared.Configuration.x8514ca825407a888.x060ea3195
c00ab39(XmlDocument x536ee0b561cc97c2)
   at LicenseUtil.x867eb3246b182488._x8ea3be9a94d08c68(String[] x0972bf503915e55
   at LicenseUtil.x867eb3246b182488.xc447809891322395(String[] x0972bf503915e555

LicenseUtil.exe [mode] - Performs a license operation.
        CreateDelegateCertificate - Creates a delegated certificate.
        CreateAppConfig - Creates a layer config.
LicenseUtil.exe help [mode] - Prints a help message about a particular mode.