I am working to replace a couple of NW65 based iSCSI NCS clusters (NW65 init AND target!), which have been rock solid for four years...

I am just in the process of building an iSCSI based OES2SP2 NCS cluster. I'm trying to tune the iSCSI SAN config as much as possible and have gleamed a few things from various posts.

Configuration is:

Dedicated iSCSI LAN with 3Com 5500 switch (Jumbo Frame enabled and link aggregation groups)
The iSCSI target is SLES11 - 4 x 'igb' with ioatdma, bonded with IEEE 802.3ad Dynamic link aggregation
Initiators are SLES10SP3 (OES2SP2) - 2 x 'e1000', bonded with IEEE 802.3ad Dynamic link aggregation

I have configured the iSCSI bonds with MTU='9000' (ifcfg-bond1).

An ethereal trace of the connection initiation indicates Maximum Segment Size of 8960 in both SYN and ACK - this would appear to indicate that jumbo frames OK end to end...

Is there a simpler and more dynamic way to establish the MSS in use?!
Stopping iSCSI, taking bond down, starting trace, bond up and iscsi start is a bit long winded - and not true of the machine startup, service auto start, login, etc.
Is there something somewhere in /proc/... (or anywhere else) that would confirm this setting?

Are there any other config or tuning recommendations given this configuration?
Any neat test recommendations? I'd like to hit these guys pretty hard before I put them near production... they have a lot to live up to!!

Tips and suggestions welcome!