I am looking for a tool, method or steps to remove GroupWise completely off a workstation before installing GroupWise 8. I have tried cleanit and doing the uninstall via add/remove programs, but I noticed in the registery there are still lots of entries for GroupWise and I cannot even delete the GroupWise folder as some file(s) are still in use. I have been manually taking about 30 minutes and going through registry (HKLM) and deleting GroupWise entries and that seems to help insure I get a clean install of GroupWise 8. So far out of about 150 systems we tried to directly upgrade from 7 to 8 (8.0.1 HP1 from 7.0.3 HP4), about 25% had issues from would not install to "extra" services in the Address Book (left overs from GW 7).