Just trying to establish if there is now an official (or at least relatively consistent) schedule for the release of (oes) patches, so that we can plan system maintenance, etc.

Having now seen the 'oes2sp2-January-2010-Scheduled-Maintenance' and 'oes2sp2-March-2010-Scheduled-Maintenance' releases could it be bi-monthly?! ;-)

If so, are these to be provided by a specific date e.g. 1st of following month, etc.?
I applied the, seemingly important, nss patch to all our nodes on 30Mar10, only to see 'oes2sp2-March-2010-Scheduled-Maintenance' the following evening...

The words 'Scheduled-Maintenance' would indicate that a schedule exists and we can plan around it. I've looked for pro-active info on this but haven't found anything...
Can anyone please point me in the right direction?