We have a 3 node OES2-Lnx Novell Cluster Services Cluster running. GroupWise & File Services are our 2 resources. All nodes are OES2sp2. We still have a legacy Novell NetWare 6.5 Cluster running (our GWIA is still there). We plan on getting rid of the old NetWare servers next week. eDirectory health checks show that eDir is fine. Time is in Sync, SLP is running and 2 OES2-Lnx Servers (not Cluster nodes) are DAs and are working. DNS is working fine. DHCP is also working fine but.... and here is our problem, when a PC gets it's TCP/IP address from DHCP (SLP & router info too) then everything works fine. Login is quick and the tree can be found even when the Preferred Server field is empty. Here's the catch, when we give the exact same pc a static TCP/IP address and enter the SLP Scope & DA manually (router / gw too) and make them static, then without any Preferred Server entry the client returns a "Tree not found" / "Server not found". When we enter a server in the Preferred Server field, it works??? When not, it doesn't? So why would on the exact same PC DHCP work and Static not? It seems that the static SLP entries are not working although the SLP entries from DHCP are working fine????

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,