Hello members,

Configuration: 2 ZCM Primary Server. One on SLES11 and one on SLES11_64.
Database: MSSQL 2005.
Directory: eDirectory 8.8 on OES2SP1, OES2SP2 mixed with 8.7 on Netware65 SP7.

since the Update from ZCM 10.2.2 to 10.3.0 we have following behavior.

Our Bundels are Assigned with Usergroups from eDir. With ZDM 7 and ZCM 10.22 it works.
Whe i add or remove useres from this Groups and refresh the Agent on the Workstation the changes take affect.

Now after the update to ZCM 10.3 it takes several houres (ca. 3) until the system recognize changes in eDir.

Hope someone can help.