I'm having some interesting problems with Macs and my NBM 3.7SP2 FP3Cproxy and SSL. I am NOT doing authentication. It seems that the
proxy settings are not getting picked up by the OS X Macs from the
network Control Panel area. If I hand set the proxy configuration for

SSL in IE, it works fine. But no other software will pick it up(ie.
Safari, other software as well). Granted, this sounds like a Mac
issue, but there are kids here that had their macs set up last schoolyear that say their systems are identically set up to the way they
were working last year. Only thing that has changed is the software
on the proxy server.

Has anyone else seen or dealt with this? It seems the HTTP proxy gets

passed around properly, but for some reason the HTTPS does not.

Any help is appreciated.
Christopher L. Davis Network Projects Director
The Principia cld@prin.edu