So far, I've yet to find a tool for OES2 SP1/SP2 Linux that will preserve file access and modify timestamps if you need to MOVE the data from one portion of the NSS volume to another portion.



being moved/copied to:


SCMT doesn't work (plus not supported for OES2 to OES2)
Miggui doesn't work (not supported OES2 to OES2 on the same server/volume)

We also need to be able to do this within the server itself (ie, do not route the data through the workstation).

I tried the NetWare Copy in the Novell 4.91 SP5 client. Not only is it slow, but it also modifies the last access time. At least it shows up in NRM as being accessed in the past day.

I've tried the cut/paste in Nautilus, and while it's quick, it also appears to adjust the last accessed time (but not the last modified time).

I've tried the copy/paste in Nautilus and it also adjusts the last accessed time.

moving would be preferred. Mainly because it's significantly faster, plus you don't consume double your drive space like you do with a copy.

So far about the ONLY thing I can find is the "cp" command with the --preserve=all