I started with Netware, thank you for forgiving...

netware 5.1 sp8 client 4.91 sp1
I've questions with Windows XP explorer when it access a

If a file is created or modified, it's necessary to to update the
display with F5 to see the changes.
and updating takes several seconds
Is this normal? how to get the display to update itself?

another problem :
when a user opens a file (Word or Excel) into a directory on a shared
Novell, and another user (on another pc) will open the same file, it
should be offered choice as a copy or read-only
yet it can not open it and sometimes not see anymore
it is very annoying, what to do?

another problem too :
if two users want to access certain directories (deep enough in the
tree) windows explorer crashes :-(

I've seen it elsewhere :
Set client file caching enabled = off
Set level 2 oplocks enabled = off

Is that it can help?
how is it to use its commands, the command line on the server? Another
way, which one?