Good Day All,

I have a question for the masses. We are in the initial stages of rolling out ZCM and windows 7. I am currently working on registering systems and wanting them to move to the folder associated with key that is registered on the system. Ex key "test" goes to the test folder I have set up on under the workstation folder. I can register the system with no problems, but the system will not move to the folder. We are preparing to add upwards of three thousand systems to ZCM and we want to break them down into folders esp the labs so that we can deploy printer with the iprint policy. Is there something I need to do further to get the systems to move to the correct folder? Can I do this at all or am I going to have to use groups instead of folders? I plan on using groups for the iprint policy assignments but wanted all the lab computers in one folder. Thank you in advance for any direction in this matter.