Greetings, in a few tests we received from an outside email system where the
user is on Outlook, and we're running at one office GW801HP1 and the other
office GW800HP2 (one test was to 2 people each on a different version of
GW), the outside user sent us an appointment request, but if we look at the
GroupWise client it's not there. I can see it come in on the GWIA logs,
it's not being blocked by GWAVA (there's an exclusion).

Oddly enough, on one of them I setup an auto forward rule to forward to me
any emails received, and I received a forwarded copy of the appointment, but
the actual appointment itself is not in the MAILBOX, TRASH, nor anywhere...

It's as if it comes in, the auto forward rule fires, and then some
delete/empty (purge) gets rid of it.

Any ideas why it would be doing this and how to stop it from happening?

Thanks in advance