Hi all,

My GWIA is reporting a lot of messages being delayed. Here's what the
HTTP monitor says:

UpTime: 14 Days 18 Hrs 58 Mins

Thread Status
Busy Idle
Message Conversion Threads
<http://gw-gwia3.citipointe.new:7218/threads/convert> 0 2
SMTP Threads <http://gw-gwia3.citipointe.new:7218/threads/smtp> 7 3
Standard IMAP Threads
<http://gw-gwia3.citipointe.new:7218/threads/imap> 0 5
Secure IMAP Threads 0 0

Queue Information
Count Oldest Message
Outbound Message Queues
<http://gw-gwia3.citipointe.new:7218/queues/wpcsout> 0
Inbound Message Queues
<http://gw-gwia3.citipointe.new:7218/queues/wpcsin> 1 04-22-10 09:29:53
SMTP Send Queue
<http://gw-gwia3.citipointe.new:7218/queues/smtp/send> 7 04-14-10
SMTP Receive Queue
<http://gw-gwia3.citipointe.new:7218/queues/smtp/receive> 2 03-22-10
Delayed Message Queue
<http://gw-gwia3.citipointe.new:7218/queues/smtp/defer> 2 03-05-10

As you can see, there are some very old messages in there. How can i
get them sent to where they belong? The restart option in the HTTP
monitor doesn't work at all.