I have a problem with GW8, whereby I have never been able to
see items I put in the tasklist. I have dragged items in
there, if I search for them
they show as in "tasklist". However when I click on the
tasklist folder I get the following, and I can't get rid of
it. I have also tried right clicking "show in tasklist"
still nothing shows up. If I click on the properties of the
folder and click contains, it says the folder is empty.


I have done a client settings reset, reset folder settings
to default, compared to another machine. The problem follows
me. Even if I do this on another OS it's the same.

We have done an index, and structure with fix, and a
structural db repair in gwcheck, still the problem remains.
I have had this problem across
all versions of the client of v8 including various beta's
and ftf's.

Other users in the Post Office are ok.

Anyone seen this before and know the fix?

Also is someone able to tell me in plain English why tasks
and tasklist?