Dear All,

The company I work for is looking at moving to gw8 this summer, from 6.5. So naturally, we are absolutely loving the idea of importing calendar's using the .ics or .vcs extension, exported from external applications. This works fine, however it imports the Calendar data as a "sub-calendar" under the active Calendar in the Groupwise Client...
So, I noticed that the event that was imported still shows on the main calendar, despite it being a sub-calendar item, and other proxy users can still see it.... So it's great.
But the problem is that it always prompts with the dialog providing two options:
"Add to Existing" or "Replace existing Contents". The replace option is the default... So when our staff imports multiple events, the possibility for them to accidentally overwrite all previously imported data, is 50/50 based on their level of attention per a given day. This is unacceptable!
Is there a way to do one of the following, in efforts to prevent this problem?:
1.) Change the default option to "Add to existing"
2.) Completely remove the dialog entirely.
3.) Remove the sub-calendar importing, and have it import the data as an actual event(posted appointment) within the main calendar?

We are deciding whether to switch to gw8 or not, and this problem is a major dependent factor.
I have attached a screenshot of the exact issue, so that one can more easily understand my concerns...
Any help is greatly appreciated.