Virtual instance of OES 2 Linux (SLES 10 sp 2) running on a SLES sp 2 XEN kernal.

Problem: I need to increase storage space on the vm since sys is 90% full.

One suggestion was to back up the existing sys w/ rights, then delete it. create a nss pool, then volume for sys, restore from backup to new nss vol w/ rights, etc. This is missing the details but the main part is here.

Another suggestions was to create a mount point the mount to give access for the srvr to more storage.

My ignorance on SLES caught up with me. The critical web app that is running on this server was causing all users much grief. But when I attempted to use the tools I am familar with, iMngr, pools, etc and found there was not sys pool or volume per se, I was confused beyond belief.

Will the SYS ever be a NSS vol out of the box n SLES?

Thank you for the help.