NW6.0-SP5 SBS (with DNS/DHCP and Bordermanager)

On my single test-server with dns/dhcp and bordermanager on
the same machine I changed the subnet-mask from to in inetcfg for the internal
nic-binding. Afterwards I did some testing and everything
was fine.

Later I did the same on the production-system (which
includes at least 2 servers with dns/dhcp on one machine and
bordermanager on a second) and afterwards the dns-service
was jammed. Named was still running, but name-resolution did
not work. I backrevved to the old setting, but dns still did
not work. Only after a server-restart with the old setting
everything was fine again. I changed the binding with
inetcfg first on the bordermanager-server (internal nic) and
afterwards on the dns/dhcp-server (single nic).

I must have missed something and would be thankfull for a