Novell is pleased to announce the availability of Novell Support Advisor 2.0. Novell Support Advisor is a free tool that allows you to perform both pro-active and reactive system and application diagnostic tasks in a local, secure and automated fashion. Download the new 2.0 version free of charge and start taking advantage of the following benefits today:

In addition to diagnostic analysis for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11, Novell Support Advisor 2.0 now provides data gathering capabilities and diagnostic pattern analysis for GroupWise and ZENworks server applications running on both Linux and Windows platforms.

Information collection and analysis by server group rather than individual servers will help save time on issue diagnosis and resolution

Through cross-platform execution and improved information handling, Novell Support Advisor 2.0 covers more servers in your environment to ensure better oversight

Server credentials are securely stored within a local, encrypted database to maximize efficiency

Novell Support Advisor 2.0 adapts to a dynamic environment using discovery methods (NMAP or PING) to detect additional servers. You can also import a list of servers ensuring that your diagnosis is complete.

The client contains a simplified install for Linux and Windows making set-up and implementation as quick and easy as possible.

And coming soon ... Novell Support Advisor for the MAC client to support our Apple community of users and improved NetWare Migration diagnostic capabilities to assist with your NetWare migrations to OES Linux.

For detailed information on the features and benefits of Novell Support Advisor 2.0, visit Novell Support Advisor.