In ZFD, I had my NAL set to refresh every 6 hours.

(in case someone left their PC on over night and didn't login again, they'd get NAL'd as it were with the new software if we needed it to).

However, I'm not sure if the ZCM Device Refresh (settings in the Zone) have any equivalency.

I think that the 300 seconds that's random even effects initial login/bootup, yes? (ie, compared to ZFD where the NAL would run from the "startup" folder on the Windows PC so in essence it would happen at "logon" for user-associated apps, and in my case, 6 hours later it would refresh the NAL).

I don't remember what the ZFD policy refresh intervals were (it's been a long time since I setup ZFD, even though we're still using it--usually configure it once and be done with it).

Am I wrong on all this?