Anyone ever seen this happening?

08:16:11 990 ************************* Initializing ************************
08:16:16 DDC Checking guardian database
08:16:16 DDC Guardian database: OK
08:26:51 C24 Starting GWTCP-Listener
08:26:51 448 Starting GWTCP-Dispatcher
08:26:51 DE0 Starting GWTCP-MTDN-Handler_1
08:26:51 5F0 Starting GWTCP-MTDN-Handler_2

As you can see, at 08:16 it says the guardian db is okay and then waits 10 minutes doing seemingly nothing until 08:26 for the next line to come into the log. From that point, it bursts into life as expected. During the 10 minute lul, gwpoa.exe is doing nothing according to CPU / memory / IO usage...

This is especially annoying right now because I am struggling to work out why my post offices suddenly go into 100% CPU utilisation and stay there until restarted, but until I can figure this one out, the restart is the only fix and now a 10 minute restart as opposed to a 1 minute restart impacts my users to an embarrassing degree....

Anyone have any idea what is going on between guardian db report okay and starting the GWTCP listener??

Many thanks,

System running GW 801HP1 on Windows 2008 Standard (VMWare host)
ESX3.5 on an IBM3850
4GB on the host, 1x 2.4GHz (virtual)
Storage system = ECM Clariion CX240, 4GB Fibre