Hi Novell gurus! -
Please forgive a newbie question, I'll try to be as clear as I can
about a
problem that I believe is related to BorderManager.

We've created an HTML site that is accessible externally without
Accessing the site internally, however, results in a Javascript error

because one of the page's (hidden) frames is not loading. In searching

another forum
I found that other users were able to solve this problem by
adding "PassContentLength=0" to PROXY.CFG. Unfortunately, this did not

work for us.

If the frame that is not loading is expanded, the following error is visible in the page: "504 - Gateway timeout". Interestingly enough, if
javascript "alert" is added to the other frame, the page will load
successfully. (I'm not sure if this is relevant, but internal sites
to be accessed with full domain name and not "localhost".)

Is it possible that this is indeed related to BorderManager (as the
forum suggests)? If so, can anyone point me towards a solution?

TIA! -Thad