Hi, i am looking into a dilemma we may have as we look into migrating from Novell 6.5 to Windows 2008.

How do we get our edirectory users and phased migrated users over into AD to access the same shared folders.

1) Would it be easier to leave the shared data on the netware server and let both migrated users to AD and edirectory users to access it from there.
2) Or move the shared data to the Windows 2008 server and make both Edirectory users and AD migrated users access it there?

Im not sure what is the best / easiest solution for doing this.
Probably leaving the data on Netware and giving access to the AD users to the netware shared data, how would this work?

Would using CIFS be the way round this or any other solution.
Would mapping a login script in netware to to the data on the windows server be possible, and if so how would it interpret the permissions?

Main question:
If all users mapping to the netware server for the data, how would the migrated users on the AD windows server access the data on the netware server?