Hi all,

I have a problem with a single user logging into GroupWise Web Access. When the users attempts to login to GroupWise they receive the message

"unable to process request. please contact the administrator"

Password has been reset with no help. When trying to login with an incorrect password, the correct message is returned "password incorrect".

No LDAP or eDirectory based authentication is being used. Just GroupWise password is being used.

The user can successfully login from the client (on various workstations). It simply seems to be from Web Access from any browser.

GroupWise 8.0.1HP1
All Agents running on OES2 SP2 SLES10 SP3

Web Access log reports the user has logged in:

04-23-10 16:47:29 WMOGVA.HQONE.kahama G Login

POA Log reports the following:

16:47:29 320 *** NEW APP CONNECTION, Tbl Entry=78, Check ID=1271813934
16:47:29 320 C/S Login WebAccess ::GW Id=kahama G :: []
16:47:29 320 Processing update: settings (bag) record (kahama G)
16:47:29 320 Processing update: send options settings record (kahama G)
16:47:33 080 Processing update: Execution Record (Courtial L)

If you look at user connections on the POA it appears they are connected:

GroupWise User ID kahama G
eDirectory Login Name
User IP Address []
Login Time 04/23/2010 16:31:44
User Platform WebAccess

Checked TID 7004454 and these entries are in the CFG file