Hi all,

Apologies if this is the wrong group - couldn't find one which deals specifically with the smtp proxy.

Occasionally, users report that mail is returned to them as
undeliverable when it should be okay. I have one at the moment. I've looked up the MX record, and the highest priority mail server for that

domain does not reposnd when I attempt to connect on port 25 through a

telnet client. I've checked with them, and that mailserver is offline
the moment.

There are, however, two other lower priority mailservers which BM
attempt connection to next (both respond when I telnet to them on port

25). It doesn't seem to be doing so - although I can't check, 'cos
time I switch logging on the box falls over. Is there a switch
which may not have been flicked?


Andy Lawson (mailto:andy.lawson@bigfoot.com)
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