I am not certain if this should be under intallation or administration
as both could be applicable.

I put in a new installation of OES2 on a Toshiba laptop with 4 GB of
ram for Testing purposes. The machine has an AMD Athlon 64 Xq Ducal
core TK-57 1.9 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, and 250 GB of usable hard drive space
for Linux.

I followed the recommendations in the installing Linux guide in the
OES2 documentation and installed with no problems. However, when I
upgraded through online update (and through the online update at the
beginning of the process), the machine does not make it past the
kernel boot in either safe mode or regular mode.

Because this is a test machine, I'm going to reinstall OES2 for the
third time. The question is this...
When the upgrade done, are the original files backed up anywhere? I
tried to go into the /var/log/messages file to see if there were
errors there. I don't think it made it far enough to even open the

I do not know where to go to check boot logs, etc. It could be I just
need a lot more familiarity with this so I can properly troubleshoot

Any insights you have would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,