I'm trying to log in to the web interface (port 8120) as a "normal" user (not the admin user). The login succeeds, but I get the following:

Page Not Found
The page or feature you have requested cannot be found or is unavailable at this time.

Please check the following items for troubleshooting:

* Check the website URL for accuracy.
* Does the URL require SSL?
* Is the specified port number correct?

If your request continues to fail, contact your system administrator.

The URL it's trying to point to is:
https://<servername>:8120/admin/user/My User

My usernames for GroupWise all have spaces in them - I'm not sure if this is a problem or not. However, if I try taking off the username, so that user/ is all that's left on the URL, I get a page not found error, as well.