i've gw 8.0.1 hp1 running on sles 11_64 host. There is no message in POA
log. I thought that gwia should try to authenticate through poa if ldap
authentication is enabled.

09:00:38 088 Starting GWIMAP-Handler_2
09:00:38 480 Accepted IMAP4 connection with: 10.x.x.x
09:00:38 480 *** NEW PHYS. CONNECTION, Tbl Entry=0, Socket=19
09:00:38 480 Client - vbhc CAPABILITY
09:00:38 480 Server - vbhc OK CAPABILITY completed
09:00:38 480 Client - pzui LOGIN "gwuser" ********
09:00:38 480 Server - pzui NO LOGIN GroupWise login failed
09:00:41 480 Client - bmrx LOGIN "gwuser" ********
09:00:41 480 Server - bmrx NO LOGIN GroupWise login failed
09:01:01 480 IMAP4 session ended: 10.x.x.x
09:01:01 480 *** PHYSICAL PORT DISCONNECTED, Tbl Entry=0, Socket=19

- All agents are set to maximum log level
- Imap disabled on poa
- Imap and pop3 enabled on gwia
- Authentication using ldap (no gw password)
- I can login to groupwise client with edir password
- I checked postoffice links in gwia agent. They are set to C/S only
with correct ip address (poa responds on port 1677 using telnet)
- I checked access control properties (all enabled)

I dont know how to find the cause because there is no usefull error
message in logs. Do you have any suggestions how to track down this issue?