When creating a transform file to which files are being added, AdminStudio's Tuner creates a .CAB file in which the files are being stored outside of the transform file to which it is related.

ZCC however supports adding a 'transform file' only. There's no option to include a .CAB file as well when adding the transform file. The only way to upload the .CAB file then is to re-upload the based MSI and then opt to include all files (so the .cab is automatically included) from the same directory. This is not very practical, to say the least, and therefore should be changed.

It would also be more 'intelligent', after uploading all files to the content repo, to select a transform file from the same file set. Because now it's being uploaded twice: the first time when the msi + all related files are being upload, the second time when you select a transform file for the Windows Bundle.


Roel van Bueren