I know that email filtering isn't something inherently built-in to ActiveSync protocol, but we need a way to do it. There are no configurable properties for a user in the mobility connector. The user and/or admin should be able to specify a set of filters to determine whether items are delivered to the device. If you're a member of just one mailing list, like our Novell TTP list, you'll get a constant stream of messages all day long, and your phone battery will be dead before lunch.

Depending on the phone, it may have options for whether to use push or to do a periodic pull. That can help, but push is a great feature, and something users will want to use. I know I want to use it. Filtering is built-in to Exchange. The user can set filters for what is transferred to mobile devices. BES has this as well. It's pretty critical for a push type delivery. GroupWise Mobile Server also had something like this, if I recall, but it's been a while since I used it.

I also realize that, at least with the iPhone, you can pick which folders to enable push on. By default, only the Inbox is push enabled. You could create and push enable some other folder, create rules in GroupWise to move the appropriate mail there, or something like that, but that's not a good solution.