We are essentially very new to ZAV, got a few apps working and now we are discussing the various ways to leverage and deploy the virtual applications.

On our owned and supported workstations we have a full fledged controled desktop enviroment with edir and Zenwroks 10. So deploying/upgrading virt exe is really easy.

We also have the dilema of supporting some of our apps on non-supported equipment, which ZAV seems a perfect fit for. Contractors, vendors, employees at non-supported sites (don't ask arrrg), and also quick "apps from anywhere" solutions like GW or calendar etc.

We are debating the use of the spoon streaming. One one hand it sounds really cool and easy but in our enviroment just downloading the virt exe may be a better solution...

The downsides of streaming we are debating...

1. non-supported machine rights to install spoon plugin: If a client can't install the spoon plugin apps are useless. Virt EXE does not require admin rights to run, only rights to download/run exe to begin with(which spoon requires too). Also legal and technical issues with certs.

2. Seperate webpage for users to go for apps. Currently most apps are in their NAL window, so internally we would have to teach users where to go for what. Essentially over-complicating when not needed? Nice for external users though but how much over just having a download page?

How are you using streaming in your enviroment? Why?