Hi all,

I have a new Sharp MX-5001 set up as an NDPS printer in a NW6.5 and XP workplace. The printer has a finisher/stapler.

When I use a PS driver, I am able to configure the printer properties to show that the printer has a finisher/stapler, and when I try to print using that printer, the printer preferences lets me select the stapler or not. So far, so good.

I am having a printing issue when using the PS driver that I am able to correct using PCL drivers. That issue is that all multi-paged PDF files printed using Nuance PDF Converter software do not print duplexed. The first page prints fine and then the printer spits out an error page and stops printing the file. (Duplex printing works fine using Adobe Reader, however, and so this seems to rule out any sort of NDPS issue for this problem.) Unless this is an obvious known problem with a reliable fix, I don't want to go there yet. Instead, I want to switch to PCL because it does not have this problem.

However, when I configure the NDPS printer to use either a PCL5 or PCL6 driver the following two problems occur:

1. Even though I have set printer properties to include the finisher, the stapler selection settings are grayed out in Printer Preferences in all printing applications.

2. After coming back out of Printing Preferences (where the stapler was not available), when I re-check the printer properties, the printer's finisher is de-selected as though it had none.

Neither of these problems occur using the PCL5 or PCL6 drivers when the printer is configured as a local TCP/IP printer.

Any ideas? Anything else you need to know?

Peter Smick