can bundles accept a parameter?

we have many zen7 nal apps which we're moving slowly to zen10 bundles

its moving along ok, but if you could accept that in the short to medium term we'll continue to install bundles via scripts and over unc path

a typical bundle does this (say we have app ABC123)

1. connect (authenticate) to unc path

2. pushd to \\unc path\ABC123

3. run batch file install.bat

4. popd

5. disconnect

so, all bundle installs are the same except for line 2.

I know it looks simple enough and could create a run script action in the bundle to do all 5 parts

but part 1 is a lot bigger than the one liner above as it checks vlan and makes decision which unc path to connect to.

so if we add all 5 parts including largish part1 in all our bundles and want to make a change later it'll be a real drag and bad practice

what I'd prefer is bundle ABC123 launches another bundle (say CONNECT) and passes parm ABC123 to it

bundle ABC123

launch bundle CONNECT with parm ABC123


bundle CONNECT

connect (authenticate) to unc path

pushd to \\unc path\%parm%

run batch file install.bat



I've played with system vaiables but bundles dont inherit varaibles set within another bundle

I could make bundle ABC123 create temp file on local machine say SET INSTALLDIR=ABC123. then launch CONNECT bundle that reads the file

but it gets a little ugly