Hey all.

I've just completed a fresh install on zcm 10.3. The zone is running on two sles10-sp3 64-bit virtual machines. However after the installation i configure the user source to point to our e-directory and i want to add an administrator to the system based on my user source. So the first time i did this i marked two accounts in the usersource and clicked add. But it didnt work. It said something about the accounts allready existing or to check the server logs. The message in the logs is a bit confusing, stating that the value is null reference or something. (i dont have the error message here right now so will add it to the thread later.) So i fooled around with this and didnt get it to work with theese two accounts. I decided to fire it up again and choose another account and this time i only selected 1 account and it worked fine. Anyone else know anything about this?