Just wondering;
Setup today have grown to 8 offices with all traffic between all sites
AND to/from internet all going through the central MTA.

I was wondering about the gain by changing the setup so that all
MTA's/Domains could talk directly between themselves without going
through the central domain/mta.

We would still direct all in/out-going traffic through the central
MTA/Gwia because of antispam/antivirus scanning.

So, question is;
There off course could be a benefit with the mta sending directly
between themselves in terms of traffic ( most cad = big files )
But, at the same time, maybe we're creating a more complex and less
stable setup by doing so...??

Right now we a re-occuring issue with "domain-closed" occuring on a
almost daily basis. This even though all sites have 100Mbit's internet
and all other traffic between servers, ds, etc works. It's just the
MTA com that dies. On almost each occasion, I have to rename the
mshold dir, start the mta's again and then re-insert the files and
then it's ok again..