No the real problem is that you can't turn off the message. With every

one an snmp trap is issued which floods our Zen Site server with
messages. It is nearly impossible to clear some of our segments
each new trap coming in to the site server refreshes the display in C1

and you have to start all over clearing the traps.

We need a way to eliminate these messages (as they don't effect our
performance) and/or prevent the traps from being sent saving the
monitoring tools for 'real' issues that need to be address... BAD


CSL wrote:
> hi,
> the real question is: is the parent proxy ACTUALLY unreachable when

> get that message?
> Are you usin gthe ICP or the CERN proxy?
> If you use ICP do you have the "only forward through proxy" checked

> unchecked?
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> Cat
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