I want to migrate my ZCM server from sles 10 to sles 11.
Also have an satellite server for pxe.
My workstations are configured to look at the pxe while power on.

But i have to work on my servers, so zcm server are going down, and rebuild on a new server then restore. But if i shut down my zcm server while my satellite (imaging,pxe) server is up, then the client contact the pxe server and then is waiting for a timeout. I don't like that. But only holding the satellite in the air is not the solution.

Is there anyone how know how to do this?

Can i install another temporarily pxe server or something so that the clients are not waiting for contact before starting windows. Or do i have to configure something else?

I hope someone can help me soon, because i want to begin with the migration, But i want no stress (people calling that starting the pc takes a long time!)

Kind regards