Can anyone help me with creating a rule using Visual Basic 6?

What I am trying to do is create a SPAM folder and then create a rule for incoming mail to redirect it to the SPAM folder. Here's the code I use to create the folder:

Option Explicit

' Add reference to Groupware Type Library

Private Sub Form_Load()
Me.Caption = Me.Caption & ", v" & App.Major & "." & App.Minor

Dim ogwApplication As GroupwareTypeLibrary.Application
Dim ogwRootAccount As GroupwareTypeLibrary.Account
Dim ogwFolder As Folder
Dim strCommandOptions As String

Dim strLoginName As String
Dim strMailPassword As String
Dim strFolderToSearch As String
Dim strFolderToAdd As String
Dim bFoundIt As Boolean

strLoginName = "barkebn"
strFolderToSearch = "Cabinet"
strFolderToAdd = "SPAM Folder"

Set ogwApplication = CreateObject("NovellGroupWareSession")

' Create connection/login to email account '
If ogwRootAccount Is Nothing Or Len(strLoginName) <> 0 Then ' Need to log in '
' Login to root account '
If Len(strMailPassword) Then ' Password was passed, so use it '
strCommandOptions = "/pwd=" & strMailPassword
Else ' Password was not passed '
strCommandOptions = vbNullString
End If

Set ogwRootAccount = ogwApplication.Login(strLoginName, strCommandOptions, , egwPromptIfNeeded)
End If

' Look for the folder. If it doesn't exist, create it '
bFoundIt = False
For Each ogwFolder In ogwRootAccount.AllFolders.ItemByName(strFolderToSe arch).Folders
If ogwFolder.Name = strFolderToAdd Then
bFoundIt = True
End If
Next ogwFolder

If bFoundIt = False Then
ogwRootAccount.AllFolders.ItemByName(strFolderToSe arch).Folders.Add (strFolderToAdd)
End If

' Release all objects before closing '
Set ogwRootAccount = Nothing
Set ogwApplication = Nothing

MsgBox "Done." & vbNewLine & "To see the new folder if Groupwise is already running," & vbNewLine & "put the mouse on the Cabinet folder and press F5.", vbInformation, "Folder created."
End Sub

What do I need to do next?