Need advice on how to handle this situation.

hard drive failed in server, causing loss of the server.
We organizationally chose not to backup the GroupWise volume, other data volumes were/have been backed up. SYS volume is inaccessible as well, so I am not able to get anything from it.
Master replica is hosted on other server, along with additional read/writes across the organization.

So, in my tree, I have the old post office object, and users still "showing" as belonging to the post office.

I am wondering how to proceed in setting up the new(old) post office, and recreating their databases/etc, minus their data of course...
everyone needs a mailbox cleanse every now and then. :-)

Rebuild the post office to regenerate the .db file?
recreate the POA file?
remove groupwise from the 40 or so users, then add to totally new mailbox.

will say that we do use M+Archive, so as long as that worked properly the last time it was supposed to archive the post office, they are only out a few days mail.