I've built up a new SLES10/OES2 server and added to into my existing tree. I've create a new NSS volume on this server and tested the required services I'll need like AFP, etc.

I have about 350GB of data on a NSS volume on an old NetWare 6 server that now needs to move to the new server over a weekend. As well all the users and groups in eDir will need to be updated so they conenct to the new server come Monday morning as the old NetWare fill server will be gone.

Anyone have some tips or suggestions about any tools or tricks for making this move go as smooth as possible? Does Novell have a server to server migration tool for this situation?

My current concerns are protecting the Classic Mac files and their resource forks and minimizing the amount of changes that I'll have to make in the eDir objects like users, groups, etc.

Aaren J.