Good morning.
I have a problem in connecting a PC with Windows Vista to a server running Netware 5.1 SB.

I have a relatively small network, with 1 server running Netware 5.1 SB, and some clients running WinXP (Client 4.91 SP4); the network uses only IPX, no IP; the clients are configured with IPX only.
Th problem started when I tried to connect a client running Windows Vista.
I installed Novell Client for Vista 2 SP1 on the PC. Then (since Vista does not support IPX anymore), I enabled IP on the server via INETCFG: PROTOCOL -> IP -> ENABLE, then BINDING -> (interface) -> IP address (e.g., subnet mask.
Then rebooted everything & connected the PC with Vista. Result: no tree, no context, no server is visible on login. So of course I can't connect.

What did I forget?

I can ping or traceroute the server on successfully from the PC.
I must configure an IP manually on the PC; I read somewhere that I should install DHCP on the server by myself, but I don't mind that - I just want to connect and all I have to do is to map the drives just like I ever did, from Win 98 to Win XP, with NetWare 5.1.

Thank you very much for your attention, I really hope someone can help me
M. Cisterni