I have discovered and verified that installing v5 of the iPrint client on MAC OSX (snow leopard) over the top of a previous install of iPrint client fails to update the plugin in Firefox and Safari too I suspect. This iPrint upgrade was being performed to fix an error installing a new printer - clicking a printer would result in a Bad Syntax error.

I have seen 2 instances of this.

One was installing v5 of the top of v4.38. After installing v5, and rebooting the MAC, the plugin version reported was 4.38. Attempting to install printers would result in the same Bad Syntax error. Running the 'Uninstalling iPrint' application, and then installing v5 again, and reloading the browser, successfully reflect the newer plugin was v5. And the Bad Syntax error was resolved and the printer successfully installed.

I have seen this too installing v5 over the top of v4.27. And again uninstalling first, then installing v5 again reflect the correct v5 plugin in the browser.

Has anyone else experienced this?