since last Friday we see sproadic (0-3x per day) bluescreens on almost all of the 12
CAD workstations, that are running Windows Vista 64 bit SP2.

There is no certain action triggering the BSOD, looks like it's mostly happening
while the PC is just idle (e.g. when the user is currently talking on the telephone)

------------ BSOD --------------
.... to your computer.



if this is the first blah blah...

Technical information:

*** STOP: 0x00000050 (0xFFFFF8801004c140,0x0...0, 0xFFFFFA60090C0215, 0x0...0)

*** nccache.sys - Address FFFFFA60090C0215 base at FFFFFA60090BC000, DateStamp

collecting data for crash dump
blah blah ...
------------ BSOD --------------

Other threads above suggested to use the latest availble client:

This was also fact with client 1 sp1 ir1, applying client 2 sp1 ir1 didn't change

A posting of Marcel suggested to disable Oplocks. Hopefully that's the thing doing
the trick:

On thursday the Server was migrated from OES-NW to OES-LX, and there this value
seems to be the default:


- Manage NCP Services
- Manage Server

I've set this to 0 now, expecting that it will be active after the next time the
client was booted (as it's doing for NW-Servers)

I'll see, if this was the trick -- or has anybody other ideas for the BSOD in

BTW: Isn't there a value like "client file caching enabled" for OES-LX? In the NRM
list specified above I can't see such a value.

Regards, Rudi.