NW65sp8 w/post-sp8 patches and iprntnw65sp8b patch. iManager was on
2.7.2 and I wanted to start adding some win7 drivers so first step was
to get iManager up to 2.7.3, which I did through the iManager's
plug-in installation-- 2.7.3 framework was listed as an available
plugin. Restarted Tomcat and now when I go to Manage Broker and
select the broker, then the Drivers tab I see no drivers listed and am
unable to upload any drivers. If I go into a printer and look at the
drivers iManager is showing only the xp drivers, none of the other
driver tabs are there. Gack! I have checked the nlm versions for
ippsrvr, ndpsgw, ndpsm, and rmansrvr as the readme on iprntnw65sp8b
patch and they are correct. Any help on how to resolve or repair this
would be appreciated. Thanks!