Hi all: I am having a hard time tracking down a rouge GP. For some reason, some of our old Windows 2000 boxes keep getting an old GP applied. We run a WSUS server and the server was migrated to a new IP a while back, but for some reason the old IP is still popping into the Windows 2000 computers.

I apply two GPs through ZCM. The first is a user GP policy specific to the user (and it contains NO settings under Computer Configuration) , and the second is a computer GP specific to all Windows 2000 computers (it contains NO settings under User Configuration) . The computer GP is set to apply first.

The other BIG variable is that we have to run a domain. The domain GPs should not get applied, but I have no idea where else the old settings could be coming from.

My questions are:

Do ZCM GPs get applied after a domain GP (if it is getting pushed to the computer) or before?

We ZCM GPs overwrite domain GPs?

How can I track which policies are getting applied?

Thanks for the help, Chris.