I think I've got an LDAP problem somewhere. I just got Teaming 2.1
installed on Windows 2003. It seems to be working fine in that I can log in
as my own user ID and others can as well. But I created a few teams and
want to add members to them and that is not going smoothly. Sometimes I get
not users to add, other times it seems a random subset will appear to add.
What should I check to get this working? I have 3 LDAP servers defined, all
in the same subnet as the Teaming server.

Under my LDAP configs, I have it set to sync every 30 minutes and have
checked "register ldap user profiles automatically" in the Users section and
the same thing in the Groups section.

Ideas? What are the recommended settings for people to use? I'd like to
use my eDir groups for many of my Teams but they don't look like they are
showing up at all.


Todd Bowman