We need to specify access to a server volume with a server independant name via UNC path:
Instead of typing the real server/volume name (Netware): "\\FileServer3\Software" I need to specify a server independant name e.g. "\\InstallSrv\Software" or "\\InstallSrv.domain.intern\Software".

So the Netware server name will still be FileSever3 in eDir but access to the resource should be done with another name InstallSrv which DNS resolves to the same IP address as FileServer3.

I tested it with a second A-record in DNS but I always get about a 5-8 Seconds delay when accessing that Server/volume the 1st time. In addition after a few seconds it stops again for about 5 seconds in Windows Explorer just by highlighting another file in the directory.

Requirement for this: I need to get independant from Server names within ZENworks. Currently I have to specify UNC path within ZfD 7 and so I am fixed to a specific server name. When we replace the Server we would have to modify all application objects.

Thanks Klaus