I've read some articles about refreshing the desktop icons every 30 seconds (or more precisely 32 seconds).

- The NAL refreshes every 30 seconds until the computer hangs
- The icons on the desktop become white and later they're shown as black squares
- The menu structure in NALDIAG shows strange characters
- Explorer.exe leaks memory every time te NAL refreshes. I saw 200 - 250 mb.
- Winword.exe (office 2003) is consuming to much CPU resources (I don't know the exact cause)
- Applications / message boxes don't show all text boxes (when the computer nearly hangs)

Possible causes I found
- don't use old C1 snapins (use the ZDM7SP1_IR4_C1Snapins.exe)
- Zen client and server should be at least ZFM7SP1IR3A (TID 3484245)
- don't change the GUID of an object. Just use increment version. (TID 5052120 / 3453520)
- don't use auto arrange icons (TID 3789592).
- don't use the combination 'Always show icon' (tab availability) and force run
(TID 3267579)

The server is running now ZFD\App Management Server version That's the same as ZFM7SP1IR4.
The client I test is running ZfdAgent from that package.

I need an object with an availability check, that also should run as force run application. The application object doesn't run and the desktop starts with refreshing every 30 / 32 seconds.
NALDIAG shows some information:
The version on the network is lower or the same as in the NalCache.
The object has no Last associated time nor Last run time. It is passed (Visible)

In some circumstances the object runs one time (e.g. when zfdagent is upgraded) but not a second time.

I used Pre Install schedule (no schedule).

When the application is executed manually, refreshing the desktop stops and the problems are solved. But the next time it should run again and the desktop icons are refreshed every 30 seconds.

Can anyone help me?

Kind regards,