Say I have 32 exact same workstation that already have a pre-installed version of win xp with an activated OEM license. Is there I way I could just use one image to deploy to all the workstations and preserve the current OEM license on the given workstation? Do I have to sysprep the image or can I just take the image without sysprep and once I deploy the image would the ztools (or whatever its called) manage to take care of this for me?

Or if I capture an image without sysprep is it going to overwrite the exsisting image with the exact same computer name, license code, ect and make me reactivate every workstation causing me to call microsoft and explain what happen on each workstation.

Last option is just take an image of each of the 32 workstations so instead of one golden image I have 32 and thats going to consume a lot of space.

I know volume licensing would be the best option but unfortunatly it's not an option.