Hi, i posted for advice a while back and have a follow up query.
Basically i
have a nw5.1 sp4 server with bm 3.7 no service packs. The clntrust
1.3 wouldnt work well with XP and so i replaced the 1.3 version with
the 1.4
version at log in. The bm server holds a full R/W replic and the trust
from the public folder on the Master replica.
A context that uses the older version of trust reports one success and
failures on the clnttrust.
But the context that uses 1.4 has one success and one failure. Neither

context has reported a problem yet when surfing. Should i be
concerned? or
just ignore the problem!!? I will upgrade to SP6 in January.
The context layout is :-


Stud02 uses version 1.3 and stud03 uses version 1.4. They both run the
from public on the same server. i also have dwntrust and clntrust in
correct order.
Thanks for any help.