SpamCop is currently blacklisting our primary SMTP server as a mail
I've verified things with the GW 6.5 folks and I'm 99.9% sure that GW
is not
relaying messages. (It passes every SMTP relay site I can find on the

Internet) This server is also running BM3.7sp2.3c. We only have one
NIC in
this NW6sp3 server and both public and private interfaces are bound to
one NIC. We firewall off port 8080 from the outside world (along with

almost every other port) and have verified it is blocked with outsideprobes. I've read where earlier versions of BM can relay e-mail, but
haven't found any TIDs more than a year old.

Is there a filter that I should apply to make sure mail can't relay
somehow? Apache is running on this server for GW WebAccess so I need
80 open and port 25 has to stay open for e-mail.

Anything obvious that I'm missing?

Thanks in advance,